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______M I M I K R Y

❦ P r i m a ➝ B e l l a d o n n a ☠
99% English, some rare emo-entries in German. Friends locked. Comment on this entry to be added. I wont' add you back if you don't. Content: Daily stuff, a bit whining, a bit madness, a bit childlike enjoyment. Rare photos. Too much smilies. Seldom music related stuff. Aim: More personal, more pictures.
Karin. Female. 21 22. Germany (Lower Saxony). Now in Hanover. German with Transsylvanian Saxon & Hungarian roots. Apprentice (administrative assistant). Pescetarian since 7th Jan 2000 (in between vegetarian & vegan). Can't live without books & good music. Cat lover. Mommy Owner of Attila, the cat boy who would merit the title Mister Universe. Interested in politics, graphics & web design, art & culture. Prevailing listening to rock music, mostly Japanese. Sometimes classic. I like Japan, but don't fancy the streets would be paved with gold over there. Fashion loving. Rarely missed an issue of the German ELLE since the age of 14.
Arundathi Roy: The God of Small Things. Majgull Axelsson: Slumpvandring; Aprilhäxan; Rosario är död. Liza Marklund: Studio Sex; Sprängaren; Paradiset; Prime Time. Karen Duve: Dies ist kein Liebeslied; Regenroman. Kai Meyer: Das zweite Gesicht. Marya Hornbacher: Wasted. Franz Kafka: Die Verwandlung. Dai Sijie: Balzac et la petite tailleuse chinoise; Le Complexe de Di.
All original titles. I confess I read them all in German.
deadman; D'espairsRay; Blast; Girugämesh; 12012; MaveRick; Schmelz Cure; juliadoll; exist†trace; lynch.; SUICIDE ALI; ... To be continued.
"Moral Disorder" is the titel of a book by Margaret Atwood. Against the general suggestion it never had anything to do with the band The GazettE.
Enrich your life & join shit_can; awake_of_dolls; close_sky;    dekiai_no_sora & realximage.
The header features supermodel Natalia Vodianova & an unknown nude cat & is done like the coding (Haha!) of course by me.