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29th-Jul-2015 01:19 pm - #001


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2nd-Jun-2009 10:16 am(no subject)
This Livejournal is frozen for an indefinite time. Maybe forever.

As I wrote in my last entry something would happen after me being back from Brussels I exactly meant this. Just been too lazy to write. That's no big deal to me anyways. Wanted to close it since last autumn but wasn't sure btw.

Reason: LJ pisses me off.

I will keep the journal because of my old entries, to read some rare (& I mean RARE!) journals of people I still don't want to lose & maybe a "comeback", but definitely not in the near future.

If you want to stay in contact with me there are other ways. The last months were revealing about who seems to be interested in me more or less & who not btw.

Now have fun with kicking!
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